Reinvention Retreat 
March 14-18, 2019
Aboard the Independence of the Seas
Workshops While at Sea

The Passion Test -

Clarity is Power! The Passion Test is a simple, yet powerful way for anyone to get clear on what matters most in life. Come join our  Certified Passion Test Facilitator for this fun and illuminating time where you will... • Discover your top 5 passions--what is most important to you in your life • Align your life with those passions to experience more joy and fulfillment • Create clarity, feel happier, and more excited about your life


Dynamic Transitioning Workshops-

How to Move Boldly and Gracefully into the Next Great Phase of Your Life!

with Dr. Wayne Pernell

Welcoming transitions allows you to grow more dramatically than you have in the past. This course is designed to shortcut obstacles to more efficiently supercharge your growth and development. His session is organized in easy to manage steps for honoring your past and welcoming a bright new future.  It's so important to remember that whether organizational or individual, all change - large or small - is personal.


How to Find your Purpose with the Power of Questions

with Laura Steward

Have you circled back to the same place more than once or feel like you are moving in slow motion? Learning to ask the right questions of yourself and others often requires an outside view. You must step outside your own picture frame and, once you do, the way forward becomes clear. But only if you then ask yourself some critical questions. This session will help you gain mastery of yourself and unlock your hidden gold.


Re-Inventing Your Faith Walk

with Bob Spence

You never stand in the same river twice. Learn how to be alert to the messages that God uses to direct your steps.  Bob’s own Faith Journey is a perfect example of the twists and turns that each person takes along the way.  This course will teach you how important it is to be constantly looking at one’s faith walk as each of the phases of your life unfold.


Positivity Takes Leadership - Live Life to the Fullest, With Love, In Service

with Deb Lewis and Doug Adams

Could you be quietly sabotaging your success — your relationships, your plans and your health? Take charge of your future with Deb and Doug, as they share Positivity Power Tools & Essential Skills to turbo-charge your best. Learn to power through life‘s toughest challenges & daily stresses, boost your relationships, and enjoy extraordinary outcomes — each and every day!


Realizing and Creating the Future You Desire!

with Jan Deardorff

Identify what it is that you really want. Learn how, with practical, action oriented steps, to achieve the life of your dreams.  We often let that small voice we hear dictate where we go, what we achieve and who we are.  Start listening to a different voice, and change your life!!  It’s just a matter of want to! 

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