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     Reinvention Retreat March 2019
   Explore Yourself
Bobbi Govanus

Founder of the Reinvention Retreat shares her passion with YOU.  Her presentation of the Passion Test will reveal your TOP 5 passions and put you on a path to live the rest of your life with a renewed focus and a method to prioritize that will give you clear direction and purpose.  


Deb Lewis

Deb and Doug share 8 power words to dramatically increase our capacity to hold tight to our best self when dealing with life’s challenges.  A better grasp of the importance of these key words  motivates us and clarifies desired skills we can improve upon.  Whenever we do, we allow real magic into our lives.  

Doug Adams

 Deb & Doug grew up wanting to make a difference. They both graduated from West Point, married others, have kids (all adults now), divorced, and generally followed life’s typical script. Instead of settling for less, life had something else in mind.  

Hear Their Story a true Reinventing Relationships Triumph.  ​


The  Passion Test
Jan Deardorff

Jan has spent her life training and helping others achieve their dreams.  Come and hear her story of PLAN B and how you too can make your dreams a reality.  A Top Exec with Mary Kay, you will love her practical insights. 

Elizabeth Scovil

Elizabeth has an amazing story of her own death defying battle which she has fought and won.  Learn how she channeled her talents and desire to awaken others who face the same disease.  Her story will inspire you to be all YOU can be. 

Dr Wayne Pernell

Insightful, witty, and playful, Dr. P  brings more than thirty-five years of experience as an advisor to execs. Dr Pernell has been seen in Forbes, on Fox and NBC morning television, and is an internationally acclaimed and best-selling Author, Speaker, and Certified High Performance Coach. His work has helped thousands of people across the globe

Bob Spence

Bob Spence is a renowned speaker, coach, leader and trainer. His Choosing Winners™ Hiring System has helped over 300 national companies find executives and has trained hundreds of managers on how to do effective interviewing. In 2016 he received the HR Lifetime Achievement Award from Columbus CEO Magazine

Laura Steward

Laura Steward is a sought after business strategist, speaker, radio host and author.  Laura educates leaders based on experience and wisdom learned in the trenches. She is the author of the Nautilus award-winning, International bestselling book “What Would a Wise Woman Do? Questions to Ask Along the Way”. She hosts, It’s All About the Questions, Radio Show and delivers keynote speeches, books, seminars, training and one-one sessions. 

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