Four Amazing Days! An Eventful Time!

Welcome Aboard!  I am Bobbi Govanus, the Founder of the Reinvention Retreat!

Our adventure begins departure day in the afternoon with the Passion Test.  This exercise helps to set each participant on the path for success.  Our two Sea Days will be packed with  sessions presented to help You live your life with focus on your Passions.  Your day in our ports offers you every kind of diversion from Yoga to scuba,  shopping to swimming with dolphins, exploring ancient ruins or the inside of your eyelids from a beach chair!  You are ready!  It's Your Time!  Come Sail away... to Discovery! 

Passion Test
Sessions and Breakouts
Islands & Ports 
Your Passions – the things that matter most to you – are clues to your life purpose and act as an “inner GPS” for the decisions you make in your life and in your business.  The Passion Test is a simple, yet powerful way for anyone to get clear on what matters most in life.
A Part of ALL our Reinvention Retreats!
Each of our Retreats is themed! 
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Original Reinvention Retreat: Health and Wellness of mind body & spirit! Helping you discover your Passions and live them. 
Retirement Legal: Questions addressed about Wills, Trusts, Probate while time exploring your Passions!
Retirement Financial: Success steps to assist you in developing a plan where your money lasts as long as you do while exploring your Passions. 
Retirement Health: Discovering ways to live fully mind, body and spirit while exploring your Passions!
Whether you are looking for a quiet day to explore the beach or you are ready for your first Parasailing experience, our Ports are designed for your relaxation and fun!  Choose to spend your day in Paradise YOUR WAY!

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